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Retired Judge Jennifer Bailey has important messages for the Civil Trial Bar and Judiciary

In this inspiring interview the innovative jurist carefully analyzes why there are not as many lawyers with civil trial experience as there used to be, especially following the height of the challenges and changes produced by COVID-19. Her Honor also explains concerns about the “Graying of the Trial Bar,” as it impacts new generations of trial lawyers.

The Judge provides simple and easy strategies to educate young litigators to instill greater confidence in an era where less than 3 percent of cases go to full trials, and are often outshined by older, more experienced senior partners.


Judge Bailey also proactively discusses:

• Active listening during witness examinations,

• Using Zoom to educate practitioners by watching other hearings,

• Relationship building between advocates and their opponents, and

• Going beyond cold emails and developing “Rich Media” communications.


The interview also explains how the Eleventh Judicial Circuit General Jurisdiction Division, under her supervision as past Administrative Judge of the Civil Division, tackled the daunting challenges of the pandemic and creatively fashioned juror pool management procedures for trials.

Working with the Miami Chapter of ABOTA, the Circuit became a leader in continuing meaningful and productive civil justice at a time of great uncertainty about public health. Now working as a Private Judge, Jennifer Bailey serves the community as an arbitrator and mediator, and also participates with the American Arbitration Association as a panelist. In 2015, she was awarded FLABOTA Jurist of the Year.


Very importantly, Judge Bailey travels across the nation to discuss and implement judicial management strategies for civil justice improvement.


Every Judge and trial lawyer, every law student, every law professor, and more, can benefit from this heartening and uplifting interview, with your host, Jeffrey Adelman, President of the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates.


This podcast was produced on May 24, 2024, by Jeff Adelman ( and Mitch Chester ( for the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Fort Lauderdale Chapter. Video production performed by proud FLABOTA sponsor Trilogy Trial Consultants . For more information about the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates, go to


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