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Professor Jon Garon- AI and the Impact on the Practice of Law

Season 1, Episode 9: Professor Jon M. Garon on Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on the Practice of Law.

Jon M. Garon is Director of the Intellectual Property, Cybersecurity and Technology Law Program and a Professor of Law at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. He is a nationally recognized authority on technology law and intellectual property, particularly copyright law, entertainment, and information privacy.

A Minnesota native, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota in 1985 and his juris doctor degree from Columbia University School of Law in 1988.

On December 8, 2023, Professor Garon was interviewed by FLABOTA President Jeff Adelman.

The discussion includes:  What Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses: Use of AI in the practice of law, including the extraction of data in discovery; Legal issues when using AI software and services; Why you need AI in your practice today and in the future; Generative vs. Extractive AI; Predictability, and accuracy issues; Implication of AI in relation to evidence codes in dealing with “deep fakes” and “synthetic media” and identifying truth from fiction; Ethical implications of using AI; Expert witnesses in the AI detection field; Cybersecurity issues and AI  Steps to take to protect lawyers and clients; Privacy and confidentiality concerns when using generative AI; and AI and copyright issues, including the Fair Use Doctrine.

For more information about Professor Garon, including his published works, please visit

This podcast was produced on December 8, 2023, by Jeff Adelman ( and Mitch Chester ( for the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Fort Lauderdale Chapter. Video production performed by Trilogy Trial Consultants .

For more information about the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates, go to . To hear this podcast on Apple Podcasts, go to  Spotify:


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