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FLABOTA presents: National ABOTA President - La’Verne Edney, Standing up for our jury system

FLABOTA President Jeff Adelman interviews National President La'Verne Edney regarding her open letter to ABOTA members in the aftermath of unfair attacks on jurors and the justice system after the recent "hush money" trial of Donald Trump in New York.


Dear ABOTA Members: As trial lawyers, we know that the diligent work of judges and jurors is paramount to a functional democracy. Recently, the world watched as twelve ordinary citizens listened to six weeks of evidence, deliberated for two days, and served as judges of the facts during the trial of a former President. The burden of responsibility shouldered by the presiding judge, jurors, and trial lawyers was enormous. Yet, the very process that guarantees everyone’s rights, was attacked. We must stand up for the twelve members of the community who completed their civic duty in the most challenging of circumstances. No single person or entity can control the law for their own purposes.

Further supporting that principle, our system of checks and balances guaranteed by the right to appeal is engrained in our history and consciousness. It signifies our Nation’s respect for the opinions of mankind. It remains our pathway to preserve the rights of all people in a democratic society. ABOTA will not stop fighting for the right to trial by jury. It works. It gives voice to justice. It preserves our humanity.

The judge and jurors who sacrificed six weeks of their lives deserve our gratitude and respect. As ABOTA members, I hope you will join me in standing strong for the integrity of the third branch of government. We know there is more work to be done. I urge you to actively oppose those who unfairly attack the citizens serving as jurors and the judges who protect and defend our Constitution. Give your voice to promoting and maintaining reverence for our system of justice. It is the responsibility of each of us, as leaders of our profession, to be active and vocal guardians of the right to trial by jury.

Sincerely, A. La'Verne Edney National President" For more information about the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) and what we stand for, go to .

Ms. Edney can be reached at . This podcast was produced on June 13, 2024, by host Jeff Adelman ( and Mitch Chester at for the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Fort Lauderdale Chapter.

Video production performed by proud FLABOTA sponsor Trilogy Trial Consultants . For more information about the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates, go to . For information regarding the Ft. Lauderdale ABOTA chapter, go to . All video podcasts are also available on your favorite audio podcast platforms including: Apple Podcasts, go to  Spotify:


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