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An Interview with Circuit Court Judge Keathan B. Frink, Trial Judge of the Year 2022

In this wide-ranging and compelling interview, Judge Keathan B. Frink, who is in the Circuit Civil Division of the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, Florida, speaks with host Jeff Adelman about:

  • How the Courts have adapted to technology since March of 2020;

  • A key strategy for pre-hearing communications between Counsel to resolve issues and overcoming delays in setting hearings;

  • Developing relationships with opposing Counsel;

  • The return of in-person hearings and the benefits derived from physically being in Court;

  • Civility and professionalism in virtual sessions; and

  • Pre-qualification of potential jurors by Zoom.

Judge Frink also talks about how he achieves a work-life balance and his perspectives for young lawyers to consider as their careers develop.

Host: Jeff Adelman, Esq.

Produced by Mitchell Chester, Esq.

Music courtesy Pixabay and Evgeny Bardyuzha, from Kazakhstan.

Episode release date: 3.14.23


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