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Chapter News: 8.1.20
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On July 30, 2020,  Candidates Brenda Forman, Paul Backman, and Mark Speiser participated in what is likely the final debate for the August 18 election for the position of Broward Clerk of the Courts.  

During the COVID 19 Era, we have become tethered to virtual depositions, hearings, mediations, and are even looking into some trials being conducted virtually. Change is all around us, and it is more important than ever for us to pay attention to the upcoming Broward County Clerk of Court election. Candidates Brenda Forman (Incumbent), Judge Paul Backman (retired), and Judge Mark Speiser (retired), took part in a debate concerning their vision for the future of Broward County Justice. 

The event was sponsored by Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Handcock, the Upchurch Watson Mediation Group and the Quackenbush Law Firm.


July 16, 2020 Article by Chief Judge Jack Tuter on the Virtual Jury Trial Initiative
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 Your Chance to Make History with a Virtual Jury Trial in the 17th Judicial Circuit

ABOTA Fort Lauderdale President Jeff Adelman and Mitch Chester discuss the amazing progress achieved in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit to battle COVID-19 with remote jury trials. Recorded 7.20.20.

"We are not standing in place."

A 7.5.20 report from the 17th Judicial Circuit.

Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Virtual Jury Trial Initiative

On Monday morning, May 11, 2020, Chief Judge Jack Tuter, with other Judges from the 17th Judicial Circuit, with approximately 25 lawyers from the American Board of Trial Advocates, trial attorneys from Broward and Palm Beach Counties, in conjunction with the Judicial Information Systems Office, participated in what may be the first experimental virtual civil jury trial with lawyer participation in the United States. 

UPDATE: On Friday, June 5, the Initiative also performed a mock civil Voir Dire session with ABOTA Fort Lauderdale Lawyers. 

Both videos can be seen below. This initiative is providing valuable insights into how such a virtual remote-juror trial can be taken to the next level. Planning for stage three is already underway. 

As we move to the next step in our planning, COVID-19 will not stop jury trials. 

Please direct questions and comments to ABOTA Fort Lauderdale.

The Court's Website with the video can be seen here

Video above: Dual Monitor view of the June 5, 2020 Virtual Voir Dire.

ABOTA Fort Lauderdale teams up with the Pantry of Broward to help those who suddenly lost their paychecks due to COVID-19


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