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In this January 8, 2021 video address to the legal community, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Jack Tuter urges acceptance of Civil Jury Trials by Zoom. For additional resources on Virtual Jury Trials, click here.

Video courtesy Seventeenth Judicial Circuit


Florida Justice Couriel to Address Chapter's Annual Awards Ceremony

The Justice will deliver the keynote address for the January 15, 2021 event on Zoom starting at 4:00 p.m. ET.  (New Time). 

Judge and Trial Lawyer of the Year awards will be announced. 

New: Chief Judge Tuter's Complex Business Division Courtroom designed for full remote proceedings but also permits Jurors to attend in-person.  

The Courtroom is equipped with a OWL camera that scans the room to focus on whomever is speaking. This brings a new dimension of reality to virtual and in-person attendees. (Posted 12.17.20).



Social Science of Litigation

November 17, 2020

Explore the social science of a litigation focus group, with real jurors. The webinar was moderated by ABOTA Fort Lauderdale Board Member Daniel Harwin. He served as Plaintiff's Counsel, while ABOTA Miami President Norman Waas appeared as Defense Counsel.


Jury Consultant Joyce Dwyer of trialdoctor.com, also moderated the live-juror proceedings.  Chief Judge Jack Tuter (Seventeenth Judicial Circuit), Judge Rowe (Fifteenth Judicial Circuit) and Judge Butchko (Eleventh Judicial Circuit) addressed the legal community prior to the presentation. The Virtual Trial Director was Jeff Abrams of swampcityproductions.com. 


We thank Miami ABOTA and Palm Beach ABOTA for their participation in this program. 




Virtual Jury Selection in Civil Cases...

A Precursor for Florida?

Broward Courts Transition to Phase 2

Civil Jury Trials continue to be suspended until further Order

Exciting New Video Technology Introduced in the 17th Judicial Circuit

Heading 4

Tips and Strategies for Zoom Jury Litigation-Discovery to Closing Arguments; 8.7.20

ABOTA Fort Lauderdale's Eric Rosen provides tips and techniques to make your litigation presentations stand out in the this new legal era where all of us have suddenly become television directors.  Here is just a portion of what will be discussed: 

Tips and Strategies for Zoom Jury Litigation – Discovery  to Closing Arguments

  1. Optimizing Image Quality for Zoom

  2. Using Virtual Backgrounds

  3. Managing Jury Selection Remotely

  4. Opening and Closing Arguments – PowerPoint Tips

  5. Sharing Exhibits on Zoom

    1. Do it yourself

    2. Bring in the experts

Juror Feedback on Zoom Jury Trials in the Age of COVID-19

July 16, 2020 Article by Chief Judge Jack Tuter on the Virtual Jury Trial Initiative
00:00 / 07:33

 Your Chance to Make History with a Virtual Jury Trial in the 17th Judicial Circuit

ABOTA Fort Lauderdale President Jeff Adelman and Mitch Chester discuss the amazing progress achieved in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit to battle COVID-19 with remote jury trials. Recorded 7.20.20.

"We are not standing in place."

A 7.5.20 report from the 17th Judicial Circuit.

ABOTA Fort Lauderdale teams up with the Pantry of Broward to help those who suddenly lost their paychecks due to COVID-19


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