Zoom EDU: Multi-Spotlight, Multi-Pin & Video Reordering

Every Zoom user will want to use these important new features, which are significant for hearings and trials.

Multi-Spotlight helps remove distracting video tiles and allows greater focus on specific participants. For example, Judges can now control what those attending view, and when, and also minimize large numbers of video images on the screen while avoiding moving tile effects as people enter and leave virtual Court events.

Instead of allowing viewers to let their eyes wander and scan video tiles of non-presenters, witnesses or attorneys can be spotlighted universally giving greater virtual “real estate” to speakers. This is an important tool to help assess credibility with larger video tiles for those being featured.

The Multi-Pin and Video Reordering feature is very helpful when using the “Gallery view.” If you want to enhance your delivery, each user can put the person they are speaking to directly under the user’s camera, to enhance eye contact and your presentation quality. This feature helps you avoid looking at yourself and offers a way to professionalize your Zoom experience.

Be sure to use these and other new features available from Zoom by downloading the latest software updates. The most recent releases for all devices can be accessed at: support.zoom.us.

Posted 10.18.20. Video provided by Zoom. Comments by Mitch Chester.

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