Virtual Jury Selection Examples & Articles

King County Superior Court, Washington State

Texas Courts

Broward County, Florida

New York University’s School of Law Civil Jury Project has two recent articles on practical considerations and reactions to the efficiencies of remotely selected juries.​

The Civil Jury Project June 2021 Jury Matters newsletter presents a compelling article by Judge Catherine Shaffer, entitled “An Old Judge Learns a New Trick: Virtual Voir Dire.” The author is a Judge on the King County (Washington Superior Court). If you are interested in the positive practical advantages of remote voir dire, this is a must read article.​

Another important contribution to the new social science of remote jury selection is the article by Michael Pressman, J..D., a Research Fellow at the Civil Jury Project. “A Report on Two Courts Confronting Challenges to the Legality of Remote Jury Trials and Remote Jury Selection,” also linked below, reveals experiences in New Jersey and the Western District of Washington. Mr. Pressman’s article highlights practical legal issues confronting those who employ remote technology for Courtroom advocacy.​

Each author presents conclusions and findings that may surprise you. What lessons and practical advice can be offered to Florida practitioners and Judges? The articles help answer dimensions of that realistic question.