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To Our Clients: We Are With You

Across the nation, we are experiencing sudden, unsettling change. Now, more than ever, our Clients need communication and reassurance.

There are several strategies which all counsel can employ to bridge the isolation which is social distancing.

1. Show them a video like the one above. If you want this one for your firm, feel free to use it on your website or emails. You can download it on this site's blog page.

2. Let your Clients know what your office is doing to keep the wheels of justice turning forward. One example, from ABOTA Fort Lauderdale member and Florida Bar Board of Governor Diana Santa Maria, Esq., helps her clients know about business hours, contact information, video chat technology in use, case status updates, Court status, rescheduled case and Court events, and community resources.

3. Given our current state of quasi-isolation, endeavor to make more frequent telephone calls, and even video sessions, with your Clients to keep them in touch, and show you care, not only as their attorney, but as a member of the community.

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