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Jury Management Considerations: Recommendations from the Florida Supreme Court Operations Subgroup

Download the full report here below.

Download PDF • 347KB

This May 28, 2020 report makes suggestions on:

  1. Jury Trial Planning.

  2. Juror Communication.

  3. Changes in Juror Responses.

  4. Juror reporting.

  5. Health and Safety in Juror Areas.

  6. Maintaining Physical Distancing in the Courtroom.

  7. Innovations.

  8. Specific Juror Messaging Suggestions.

  9. Priority for the Resumption of Civil and Criminal Jury Trials.

  10. Best Practices for Remote Evidenitary Hearings.

  11. Best Practices for Witnesses.

  12. Other Resources Generally Addressing Remote Hearings.

Trial lawyers are encouraged to read the report to gain a perspective as to what the Courts are considering during the Pandemic.

Click here for more COVID-19 resources from the Florida Supreme Court.

Photo by Jon Tyson via Unsplash.

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