Dealing with Local Power Outages When Using Zoom

Let’s face it, losing power due to severe weather or electrical grid equipment failure is a common occurrence in Southeastern Florida.

It’s just common sense to be ready for such interruptions, but something you may not have thought about in relation to video conferencing.

Suddenly, when in Zoom hearing, your home or office loses power. You are abruptly cut off from the session you were intending to join, and time is of the essence. The Judge, and others, are waiting, and you have disappeared.

So just a few simple tips to avoid the stress of losing your Zoom spot:

1. Before your hearing, print out your Zoom invitation to access the phone numbers so if you are suddenly left in the dark, you can still use your mobile device to call into the event and not miss it. Merely leaving the invitation in electronic form on your computer may mean it is not accessible when you need it in a hurry.

2. Keep your Zoom invitation on your mobile phone until the hearing or meeting has finished, so you can access it if you do not keep a paper copy of the document.

3. The best solution may be to just download the Zoom mobile app for your phone as a backup. With this approach, you can still do a video appearance, and not be limited to just audio.

These fail safe tools can help you avoid a missed deposition, hearing or meeting, not to mention having to do a bit of explaining.

Posted April 30, 2020.

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