Cyber Security for Law Firms, Attorneys, Court Reporters and other Stakeholders. 

Should there be a state-wide legal profession reporting database for cyber attacks?

Reasons why such a database can be helpful in the fight against threats to our clients, our offices, the Courts and the legal profession in general:

  • Lawyers have an ethical duty to take steps to preserve the security of the legal system. By reporting ransomware attacks, a data base can be used by law enforcement to try to identify trends and methods to help thwart such disruptions.


    A Cyber database can be hosted by the Florida Bar to gain maximum input from across the State. It would be focused on Florida-based law firms and offices and Court Reporters.

  • As ransom intrusions mount, in early June, 2021, commentators and stakeholders, have urged companies to be urged, and perhaps even required, to report incidents. 

Should your office initiate an internal policy for "Two Level Approval" of questionable E-mails?

Phishing emails are one key way attackers invade law office computer systems. Often office personnel inadvertently click on malicious emails, and allow invader code to enter servers and other computer equipment.


One counter-strategy is modeled after "Two Factor Authentication" many use when accessing websites. Under this proposed strategy, your employees can be oriented to critically read and review incoming emails for signs that they may be suspicious. If they are not sure the email is safe, they can elevate the issue for approval to open. Once identified, before opening the email, law firm administrators can require their approval prior to clicking on the suspected malware intrusion.