ABOTA Fort Lauderdale thanks Orlando Garcia and Craig Burger for their exceptional contributions to the development of remote proceedings and Courthouse operations in the 17th Judicial Circuit

In March 2020, when the future of judicial operations in the Broward County Courthouses seemed very uncertain, one incredible talent, Orlando Garcia, stepped up to electronically link the way toward thousands upon thousands of virtual events. He, along with his team members, provided the technical proficiency, long hours and creative insights to allow Zoom hearings, calendar calls, non- jury trials, virtual jury selection and prototype remote jury trials.​

Orlando Garcia, who served until June 18, 2021 in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit’s Judicial Information Systems office, was the creative link that made digital transformation in the earliest and threatening days of COVID-19 a reality, and a complete success.

Working with his colleagues, Chief Judge Tuter and all the other jurists in the Circuit, Mr. Garcia served as a cohesive conduit between ABOTA Chapter members and others in the Bar to make what once seemed improbable into the new and accepted. He embraced the daunting task of developing audio and video communications strategies to forge through the the darkest days of the pandemic.

He was our technical teacher and designer and worked to create innovative Courtrooms for the civil and criminal jury and non-jury trials of 2021 and beyond.

Orlando Garcia showed us the way toward virtual advocacy and was the “glue” that kept our Courthouse moving forward. His contributions are a significant reason the administration of justice did not stop in the Circuit because of the worst pandemic in 102 years.​

ABOTA Fort Lauderdale sends a heartfelt thanks Mr. Garcia for his meaningful contributions to the legal system, his leadership, and for his friendship.​

A colleague of Mr. Garcia should also be mentioned for his important contributions to the 17th Judicial Circuit.

Craig Burger, who also worked in the Judicial Information Systems office alongside Orlando, served the justice system with creativity and energy. We appreciate Craig for his commitment to professional excellence.

Thank you Orlando and Craig…We wish you both all the very best in your future endeavors. Keep innovating gentlemen.​

— Mitch Chester 6.17.21. Image by Michael Driedzic on Unsplash.

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